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Electronic Multipurpose Scoreboards

A multipurpose scoreboard is a versatile solution for scoring multiple sports throughout the year. 

Outdoor scoreboards feature high contrast electro-magnetic/LED displays for easy viewing

at a distance and over a wide angle, up to 150 degrees, even in direct sunlight. They have an outstanding life rating of over 100 million operations yet consume very little operating power. 

They are housed in heavy gauge aluminum cabinets fitted with UV stable polycarbonate protective front panels. The robust construction is rust resistant to provide outstanding longevity. The displays are fitted with unbreakable polycarbonate windows as protection against accidental ball strikes and vandalism. Electronic circuitry is tropic proofed and plug-in for ready changeover if ever required. All of our scoreboard products are covered by a two year warranty.

Suitable for Soccer, Hockey, Netball and both Rugby codes


Universal outdoor scoreboards in either electromagnetic or LED display formats, show the game time remaining as well as the scores up to 99 for two teams. Name racks are provided to receive teamname slip cards (not supplied). These boards come in either 300mm digits or 450mm digits for largergrounds.

OSA SERIES (3 alpha character per team name)

Similar to the OS models and featuring ultra-bright LED display, this scoreboard also has 3 (or optionally 4 or 5) alphanumeric characters per team to show an abbreviated team or country name which can be keyed in from the scorer’s control panel, making it a versatile source of income. Features ultra-bright, wide angle LED displays.

OSM SERIES (12 character variable moving message sign)

This model also includes a fifteen character electronic alphanumeric matrix to show the team names. Sponsors messages, player information and public notices can also bedisplayed, making it a versatile source of income. Features ultra-bright, wide angle LED displays.

Suitable for AFL/Cricket OR Rugby/Cricket

FBC Series (without timer) & FBCT Series (with timer)

Flow through ventilation is included to eliminate damaging solar heat built-up. Electronic circuitry is contained in a sealed cabinet within the scoreboard and digital displays are ‘plug-in’ for ready maintenance if ever needed. Options include and electronic display of the team names and a variable message sign to show advertisements of public information. A separate control panel or wireless remote control is provided for each sport.

Installation is a simple matter as scoreboards are designed to be attached to support posts or to an existing building or structure. Normal 240 volt mains power is required at the scoreboard location.