Are you Looking for a Manual or Digital Scoreboard Manufacturer in Australia? Ask Mr Scoreboard!

If you’re an avid sports fan, you’ve probably visited many different sports venues in your time. Large stadiums, small venues, perhaps a school sports facility, or even a local soccer club. There’s one thing that is common about all of them, something that draws the attention of the crowd just as much as the games they are playing on the field. The scoreboard.

Now, if you’re just beginning to set up your sporting venue, you're going to be needing a scoreboard of your own, but what are your options? What are the best types of scoreboard to buy for your club? Let’s look at some of the different types you can get.

Manual or Electronic?

Scoreboards these days come in one of two varieties, manual and electronic. A good example of a manual scoreboard would be the A-frame type you might see at a kid’s football or soccer match. They are very easy to use – even kids can operate them – and they provide an economical and durable way of keeping score that is easily visible to both players and spectators alike. You can even pack them away in the back of a car and transport them with ease. A digital scoreboard manufacturer such as Mr Scoreboard has many different options and styles of digital manual scoreboards from which to select.

An electronic scoreboard, on the other hand, is a little more of a sophisticated device and is the sort of device you’d see in a more static setting such as a sports hall. Imagine if you will a school sports hall where they are playing basketball – the scoreboard will usually be placed high up for visibility and will show not only the score, but other information such as the time left to play, which period the game is in, and the number of time-outs left. These are usually electronic and used in conjunction with a control panel. They are better for displaying a lot of rapidly changing information.

Who is the Best Scoreboard Manufacturer to Choose?

Whether you’re looking for an electronic LED scoreboard manufacturer or a manual scoreboard manufacturer in Australia, then the best choice by far is Mr Scoreboard, based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Mr Scoreboard designs and builds a vast variety of manual and electronic scoreboards for the smallest local soccer team, right up to large stadium installations.

With the ability to make a customised scoreboard for virtually any sport, including AFL, Baseball, Basketball, Bowls, Cricket, and even American Football, you won’t be disappointed with the choices available. There are some high-tech options available too, such as wireless control panels for the electronic scoreboards, and the ability to add moving messages so that you can convey useful information to your spectators.

Whatever your chosen sport, the likelihood is you’ll need a scoreboard, so your players know what's at stake, and the spectators can follow the game easily. A sporting event without a scoreboard is, after all, literally pointless. Puns aside, though, if you need a scoreboard for whatever club you're running, give Mr Scoreboard a call today on 1 800 049 539 and speak to their experienced team. We even offer demonstrations by appointment.