Buy Your Scoreboard from an Award-Winning Store: Mr Scoreboards!

If you are considering purchasing a scoreboard, make sure that you contact our scoreboard store: Mr Scoreboards. We have been the go-to source for anyone who wishes to buy scoreboards as we have been in business for over twenty years. We are the largest manufacturer of scoreboards in Australia, and all our scoreboards are proudly manufactured right here in Australia and come with a two-year warranty.

What is Available in Our Scoreboard Store?

Mr Scoreboards carries a wide variety of portable manual scoreboards. The standard portable manual scoreboards are an economical choice that offers a unique suitcase design for easy transportation and storage. They utilise a digital scorer and have a case and handle for easy mobility.

We offer two different sizes of lightweight, foldable, self-standing scoreboards. These fold up for easy storage and have a carrying handle, meaning they can easily be placed on the ground or a table close to the official scorer for smooth operation. We also offer Manual A-frame Scoreboards that are freestanding and comfortable for transport. These also contain digital scorers.

We stock a large variety of Australian made electronic scoreboards. These can be used for an extensive range of sports and can be standard or custom made for your application. They can be wall mounted or for portable use, and these are often utilised for basketball or multi-sport use, indoor or outdoor. The scoreboards can range in size from small portable units to stadium-sized! Our outdoor scoreboards incorporate heavy duty vandal-proof construction.

You can buy scoreboards in our scoreboard store for a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting uses. We have scoreboards that are perfect for displaying athletic event numbers, for billiards and snooker and boxing. We also manufacture golf leader boards, scoreboards that can be used for archery and scoreboards for cycling events. You can buy a scoreboard for motor racing, polo & polocrosse or even yachting.

There are boards in our scoreboard store that you can buy for any purpose. Any event that requires the display of numbers or information can be handled by one of our scoreboards. You can even include an LED message board within your scoreboard to provide information or to sell advertising to sponsors of your event. You can turn your scoreboard into a revenue-generating opportunity. Or you can provide information such as directions or changes to the event times or locations, rather than relying on word of mouth or announcements over a public-address system. You know that the information will get out there, as EVERYONE looks at the scoreboard.

Buy A Scoreboard for a Non-Sporting Use

Our scoreboards have also been used as coaching boards. They have been utilised in a variety of non-sporting applications, such as; to display hymn numbers, petrol prices, as safety signs and to designate tour numbers.

Now that you know how versatile your scoreboard can be, you may wonder why it took so long for your organisation to buy a scoreboard. Visit our scoreboard store today to learn more about just how affordable a scoreboard from Mr Scoreboard can be.