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This outdoor multi-sport model is available in 300mm digit size and feature ultra-bright, wide angle LED digits to show the game time count-down in minutes and seconds as well as the scores up to 99 for both teams. A loud electronic siren is included to sound at the conclusion of the pre-set time. They are very popular for scoring hockey and rugby and are controlled from dedicated compact control panels which can be either wireless or plug-in.

This model includes 3 character electronic team names for each team, entered from a plug-in keyboard. This model is suited to a venue hosting games without a home team allowing names to be changed at the beginning of each game.

This model has the added time of day display to ensure games start promptly. The time is set from a compact handheld controller.


High Performance:

The high efficiency LED displays can be easily read at a distance and over an angle of up to 140 degrees, even in direct sunlight. They are constructed into aluminium cabinets fitted with heavy gauge polycarbonate protective front screens and include flow-through ventilation to prevent damage from solar heat built-up. They are very robust and have a very high resistance to ball strikes and vandalism.



Installation for the OS series is a simple matter of attaching them to support posts approximately 2.5 metres from the ground. We recommend 100mm RHS posts for good appearance and where there are mains powered and signal line controlled, these cables can be run inside the posts. Wireless control option available, please mention when ordering.


  • All Australian made.
  • All aluminium cabinet and sub-frame for good appearance and longevity.
  • A name rack is provided to receive team name slip cards for Hockey / Rugby (not included)
  • All driver componentry contained within an internal tropic proof cabinet.
  • Easy installation, even by non-technical personnel.
  • All digits and driver circuitry is ‘plug-in’ for ready changeover in the unlikely event of failure.
  • Brilliant, ultra-bright LED digits can be easily read, even in direct sunlight.
  • 4.5mm polycarbonate protective front panel resists ball strikes.
  • Operates from a dedicated plug-in or wireless control panel.
  • Easy to use, no special training needed for scoreboard personnel.
  • High efficiency of LEDs results in low power consumption.
  • Flow-through ventilation avoids solar heat damage.

Two year warranty covers all faults other than those caused by damage.

Additional Information

Label No
Featured No
Size 2000x1200x100mm
Digits 300/200/150mm
Construction Aluminium cast with 4.5mm Polycarbonate front, including flow-thru ventilation to prevent damage from solar built up.
Guarantee 2 years
Delivery No
Warranty 2 years

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