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LED Video Screen Multipurpose Scoreboards - AFL / Cricket

LED Video Screen Multipurpose Scoreboards - AFL / Cricket

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Quick Overview

Full function LED panels are available in a range of sizes to score football, cricket and other sports. Our in-house software enables the presentation of club and player information as well as your sponsors advertisements.

These screens can also show club graphics and variable messages in a range of eyecatching modes. Live video or replays or even movies can be shown on some models

Graphics and video information as well as scrolling messages such as sponsor and public information are entered via a computerised control de sk which is also included with the screen.

Teams names can be edited and stored in the control desk computer for future use.


There come in three sizes: ACE - 3m x 2m, Champion - 4.5 x 2.5m, Galaxy - 5m x 3m.

Our in-house software is designed with the operator in mind. It works in conjunction with our Phantom series portable wireless control panels, which have a range of over 200 metres. Separate panels are supplied for football and cricket and are included in the package.

Depending upon model, graphical backgrounds and team logos can easily be included. Video presentation from ground-side cameras or video sources can also be displayed. Spectacular stats displays and eye catching animated graphics can be presented at single keystroke.

  • High brightness, can easily be viewed in direct sunlight
  • Long lifetime, over 100,000 hours at 50% brightness
  • Easy to use computer software
  • Dedicated control computer included with the package
  • Fully portable wireless link control panels for each sport for simplified game-day operation
  • Animations and customised backgrounds are included with the package
  • Portable control cabinet with easy access to AV connections for full screen live video
  • Playback of computer-sourced video from within the scoring program for video advertising
  • Scrolling messages with scores summary.
  • Wireless link or fibre optic connection from control desk to scoreboard.

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