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Digital Scorers

Whenever and wherever you need to display numbers and change them frequently, digital scorers work better, faster, clearer and at a lower cost.

Our Australian Design Award-winning digital scorers are a simple, low-cost way to create clear number displays. They are suitable for scoreboards for every sport as well as any other activity that requires a numerical display, such as petrol price signs, safety signs, hymn boards or event number indicators.

Easy to use
Digital scorers are so simple to use even children can do it. The essence of the digital scorer is seven shutters that lock open or closed. Scores can be changed by the flick of a finger. Each scorer can display all numbers from 0 to 9 so one digital scorer replaces 10 separate number plates.

High visibility
Measuring 287 mm X 187 mm (12" X 8"), the digital scorers are large and clear so all spectators, players and officials can easily see the score. The yellow numbers are on a black background and are visible up to 80m away.

The scorers are made from weather resistant ABS plastic. Many of our clients are still using the same scorers they purchased 10 years ago. Digital scorers come with a two-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

Flexible usage
Does your scoreboard need upgrading? A set of digital scorers will make it easier to use and the score will be visible up to 80 metres. Or, you can build a new scoreboard from scratch using digital scorers, or get us to custom build one for you. Alternatively you can buy one of our portable manual scoreboards.

Buy now
You can order digital scorers online.