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Electronic Basketball Scoreboards

Mr Scoreboards sells a range of scoreboards which come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from small portable scoreboards up to full stadium models, such as the one used by the Sydney Kings at the Entertainment Centre.

Team Mate

Shows the time count-down in minutes an seconds as well as scores up to 99 for both teams.
This model is suitable for portable use or permanent installation in a small stadium.
Size:    600 x 400 x 80mm
Digits:  100mm LED

Little Champ

In addition to time and scores this scoreboard also shows the team fouls up to 9 for each team making it especially suitable for basketball. All of our scoreboard models feature unbreakable poly-carbonate front panels to resist accidental damage.
Size:    700 x 600 x 80mm
Digits:  100mm LED 

Super Champ

Shows the time count-down in minutes and seconds, scores up to 199 and team fouls up to 9 for both teams.
This model also shows "time-outs" up to 3 for both teams.
A budget priced full featured multi-purpose scoreboard for small stadiums and school gymnasiums.
Size:   1200 x 900 x 100mm
Digits: 160mm and 125mm dual row LED


Australia's most popular scoreboard with over 5000 sold. It is suitable for all multi-court stadiums. It features tri-row high performance digits for easy viewing up to 100 metres, also includes a game period indicator. The control panel has a fully detailed LCD display of all scoreboard functions.
Size: 1525 x 900 x 100mm
Digits: 200mm tri-row and 125mm dual row LED 

Shot Timers

Shot timers come in 3 sizes: 100,150 and 200mm they are connected to the scoreboard and can be incorporated into the control panel.
Our are the only scoreboards recommended by Basketball Managers Australia.

To request a quote for your electronic scoreboard please contact us.